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Milanesa recipe


Different milanesas

Uruguayan milanesas are usually done in one same way, although there can be small variations depending on the cook. The most popular milanesas are: cow meat milanesa, chicken milanesa, and fish milanesa. But, there also are milanesas made with other elements, such as soy or egg plant.

Also, besides the traditional milanesa, you might also find in Uruguay a milanesa napolitana or a milanesa al pan. All these dishes use a milanesa as a base, but also use other ingredients as well.

uruguayan food: milanesa napolitana

Milanesa napolitana completa, with beans and bell pepper

How to make it

In order to make a milanesa you will need to have the following ingredients: a beef of cow meat, chicken, or fish beef (of no more than 1/2 cm thick if preferably), beaten eggs, breadcrumbs, garlic, salt, and oil. You should start by chopping some garlic as small as possible and mix it with the beaten eggs, and adding some salt to them. Cover the beef with beaten eggs, and then with the breadcrumbs. Put it in a pan with hot oil and fry it in low fire until it shows a golden color. It could be served accompanied with a salad, smashed potatoes, veggies, rice, or anything else you might wish.

Milanesa al pan and milanesa napolitana

A milanesa al pan is prepared in the following way: First, prepare a cow meat or chicken milanesa as it was explained above. Then put some mayonnaise into a French bread and put the milanesa in it. Add some slices of tomato and lettuce. Eat it as a sandwich.

In order to prepare a milanesa napolitana you will need: a cow meat milanesa, a couple of slices of ham, a couple of slices of mozzarella cheese, and some slices of tomato. Start by preparing a milanesa as explained before, but before is completely done add the ham, tomato and mozzarella cheese on top of it (in that order). The mozzarella should melt, and it should be eaten while is still hot.




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