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Easy empanadas recipes



There is a huge variety of empanadas recipes due to the fact that they can be filled with almost anything we might want. There also are many different empanadas dough recipes as well, although in countries such as Uruguay and Argentina the dough can be bought ready to make the empanadas everywhere.

A dough recipe

One of the many empanadas dough recipes you might be able to find requires the following ingredients: 400 grs. flour, 350 grs. butter, 300 cm3 water, and 1/2 teaspoon salt. Mix these ingredients and then knead the mixture. Once that is done, let it rest for about an hour, and then stretch it until it has a thickness of about 1/3 cm. Then cut with a round cup or glass which has a border of about 12 cm of diameter. Cut as many as possible.

Some fillings

As we said before, there are a lot of different empanadas fillings you could try. Two of the most common ones are chopped meat and ham with cheese. You can use your imagination and do these fillings as you prefer, but here we will give you some ideas.

For the chopped meat empanadas, you could use: chopped meat (of course), onions (cut in very small pieces), chopped garlic, boiled eggs cut in small pieces, olives cut in small pieces, some oil and one raw egg. Cook the chopped meat with the oil, onions and garlic. Once this is done add the salt, olives, boiled eggs, and the raw egg (more than one if necessary, until the mixture seems consistent). Then fill the empanadas dough with this mixture by putting some in the center and then folding it, sealing the borders. Cook in the oven (in a pan with a bit of oil) or fry them in oil.

For the cheese and ham empanadas you could use: mozzarella cheese cut in small pieces, ham in small pieces, and raw egg. Mix these ingredients (without cooking them) and then fill in the empanadas dough and follow the same steps as for the chopped meat ones.




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