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Beef tuco recipe


Beef and tomato sauce

A beef tuco is a beef salsa traditionally used in Uruguay to accompany pastas and some other dishes. Beef tucos are made in many different ways, there might be as many recipes of these sauces as cooks.

A recipe

This is one beef sauce recipe, you can test some variations in the amounts of ingredients and customize it if you wish. For this salsa recipe you will need: one medium size onion, one carrot, half red sweet belly pepper, 1 can tomatoes or tomatoes paste, 300 grams minced beef (other variation can be made with beef cut in small cubes), 1 garlic clove, oil, oregano, salt, sugar, and water.

How to prepare this sauce?

You should start by grating the carrot and cutting the onion, the sweet red belly pepper, and the garlic in very small pieces. Put all this in a pan with oil and cook until the onion starts looking transparent. Then, add the beef and continue cooking for a couple of minutes. Next, add the tomatoes (if it is whole tomatoes they should be chopped), salt, half teaspoon of sugar, oregano, and a bit of water. Mix well and cook with the fire set to low for about 15 minutes, mixing every now and then.




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