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The asado criollo and its secrets

A good excuse for a meeting

The asado criollo is one of the most important traditions of Uruguay, and not only its preparation has its secrets, but the way in which Uruguayans eat it does too. To start with, a traditional asado meeting would usually imply a friendly meeting around the wood fire oven, near the person who cooks the asado.

An asado criollo often is a good excuse for a meeting. Uruguayan friends and family often cook asados as a way to share some time together around something that is traditional and part of their culture.

While cooking it

One of the secrets of a good asado criollo is based on how well the wood fire is handled and the experience of the person who cooks it. And therefore, the person who cooks the asado has a major role and he will probably receive applauses from the people who eat the asado if it is good.

Other important secret about cooking an asado is that salt should not be added to it before it starts being cooked. Ideally, salt should be added when is at least half way from being done, since else it might make the meat dry.


A good chimichurri is also often part of the secrets of a good asado criollo. Chimichurri is a sauce that each person can spread over their dish when the meat is ready. Chimichurri is usually made with a base made of water, cooking oil, chopped garlic, oregano, and salt, and to which some other ingredients (such as parsley, onion, and belly pepper) might also be added depending on the preference of the cook and the people who will eat the asado.





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