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uruguayan food: chivito al plato uruguayan food: milanesa napolitana

uruguayan food: milanesa completa uruguayan food: puchero

Uruguayan foods and desserts



An important part of the traditions of the Uruguayans is related to food and deserts. When Uruguayans want to do a meeting with friends, doing so with an asado is usually one of the main options. Eating an asado, bizcochos, a flan with dulce de leche, or an arroz con leche are always good excuses to sit down and get up to the date with friends or family.


The asado is the typical Uruguayan food by excellence. The traditional Uruguayan asado is cooked in a special oven, called parrillero, in which the meat is cooked over wood fire. The meat used for an asado usually consists on "tiras de asado" accompanied with chorizos, morcillas, chinchulines, mollejas, and other meat pieces.

Actually, one of the first things that call the attention of people who visit Uruguay is the way in which asados can be seen everywhere: most restaurants cook them, and often you can see the asado being cooked from your table. Also, the smell of asado is typical to Uruguay; take a walk on a Sunday noon and you will surely smell an asado within a few blocks.


Dulce de leche

The dulce de leche is other of the most important elements in the traditional Uruguayan cuisine. Dulce de leche is present in many Uruguayan desserts as well as it is eaten with bread, cookies, bizcochos, and many other things depending on the personal preferences

A basic list

There are several main traditional foods and desserts you should not miss if you visit Uruguay. Among them we can name: the asado (of course), milanesas, chivitos, pascualina, empanadas, arroz con leche, flan (can be with dulce de leche), alfajores, and dulce de leche ice cream.



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uruguayan food: chivito al plato uruguayan food: milanesa napolitana

milanesa completa - uruguayan food uruguayan food: puchero

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